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 When I’m behind the camera I see every person as someone with a story. You aren’t just something I take a picture of. You’re a human! Your story is worth saving. You’re living through it every day. Sometimes there's laughter, sometimes there's tears. Sometimes you just need a snickers bar.

Every story has twists and turns. It’s full of struggles, wins, burritos, puppies and freaking awesome days!  Every chapter brings something new with it. 

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about me

I think your story is freaking beautiful. 

It's me! 

Colorado Elopement Photographer| Wedding Photography in Colorado

 I was sitting at my desk searching for something different to post on instagram. I love road-trips, and I’ve gone on a lot of them the last few years. I take a ton of photographs on those trips, I'm the guy with a camera after all! That being said, I rarely give those photographs a second glance. 

I opened up a folder of photos named "That one trip 2017" that I’d never bothered to edit. I started to look at these memories for the first time since I lived them. I was overcome with such a wave of emotion as I remembered that chapter of my life. I’d forgotten what that little bit of my story felt like.

 Tents, mountains, new friends, old friends. Exhaustion, tears, camera shops and coffee shops. It was all part of who I am now. But I had let myself forget so much of the story.

As I looked through those photos remembering bits of my life that I’d forgotten I was thankful I took the time to save some of these memories. Life is worth remembering.

I'm putting some of these photographs in a frame or a book. I'll pick them up, and set them down again. They’ll be there waiting for me when I need them. Right now I’m busy making new memories, but I think the old ones deserve to be saved. That’s my story after all.

What photography means to me

Some fun facts about me

Hi! It's me. Alex. The guy with the camera!

I grew up in Texas from age 7-14. I rode horses, roped things, and played with tumbleweeds and chunks of dirt (it was really fun, don't judge). I don't have my cowboy hat anymore, so if you find one in my size let me know.

I'm a coffee nerd. I'm totally down to talk about extraction times, grind size, and your favorite coffee regions. I usually like black coffee, but what're my thoughts on Oat milk you say? I literally have an oat milk t-shirt. 

Nobody usually notices (because I usually have a camera in front of my face) but I 100% tear up at almost every wedding. Seeing all the love stories, family, friends, hard work and dreams converge into one moment hits me right in the feels. 

You are worth it

Your story is worth saving

 If you’re reading this you’re probably getting ready to start an amazing new chapter. You're gearing up to marry the love of your life. You guys have spent months or years working towards this moment. I’m so pumped for you! My goal when I take a photograph is to break off a little bit of your story, put it in a frame and hand it back to you. I want you to  be able to revisit this chapter of your life whenever you need to.

Every couple I work with deserves to have my complete attention, that's why I only take on a limited number of wedding and elopements each year. 

Looking for the my most current availability and pricing? Fill out this form! I'd love to learn more about you and your story! I'll reach out to you basically as soon as the laws of space time allow!

P.S I have limited availability in 2022

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Your photos are going to feel like that first cup of coffee in the morning -  comforting, exciting and made just for you.

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