Five dope things to do in Boulder Colorado with your bae!

5 Things to Do as A Couple While You Visit Boulder, Colorado

 1. Walk around Downtown Boulder

  Downtown Boulder is bursting at the seams with plants, people, and art at all times! As a result, Street Wise Arts has designed self-guided mural tours so to easily see some of Boulder’s best street art. You can check out all murals using a detailed and easily accessible map. The names of each artist are listed, and you can choose which murals you want to see. You can witness the beauty created by local artists while still getting a terrific workout, whether you're on a bike or foot.

  Sherpa's Restaurant is the place to go if you enjoy Himalayan food. Sherpa's was born out of their affinity for Himalayan culture and their love of the mountains and cold beer.
 These guys came to Boulder to deliver a taste of Nepal and Tibet. They include a "traveler's lounge" with plenty of publications to assist you in planning your adventure. If I could eat here every day I would! Actually . . . what’s stopping me? 

  Do you enjoy coffee, tea, reading, and being a part of a community? If so, Trident Booksellers & Cafe is a must-visit. Located on Pearl Street this classic Boulder establishment will give you a taste of 'old Boulder' with superb modern tweaks and an independent feel in an iconic building.

  It's much loved for its' sense of community, and it is usually bustling with old and new acquaintances. Beer and wine are available in the bookstore. A sandbox for the kids is part of a 50-seat back patio.

  Once you're done here, make sure to walk around the rest of Pearl Street.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Check out the art

Eat some dope Himalayan Food

2. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

  3M Curve is one of my top picks among Rocky Mountain National Park’s scenic overlooks. Even though the road passes close by, the views of Longs Peak give you the sense of being in the center of the mountains.

  Bonus points if you ever decide to elope there - Since the overlook is sheltered from the parking area by a large outcropping, weddings at 3M Curve have more privacy than other park venues.

  In Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake is also a fantastic spot. While you can go anywhere around the lake, the dock is an ideal spot if you’re looking to take a couple photos with your partner without having other visitors in the background. Sprague Lake is available all year, but it is charming when frozen over in the winter.

  It's easy to see why the Bear Lake trailhead is one of the most popular spots in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's absolutely gorgeous in winter and in summer. Though just a heads up, if there’s too much snow out it can be a bit tricky to drive to.

It’s easy to find something to do in Rocky Mountain National Park, thanks to visitor centers located throughout the park. Watch Park films, learn about wildlife, buy presents, get maps, and use the facilities, among other things!
 When in doubt you can always chat with a park ranger. They have amazing recommendations, know what’s currently accessible, and can give you all sorts of other tips.

  This National Park is one of Colorado's most popular tourist destinations, attracting 4.5 million tourists each year to its 415 square miles of mountain grandeur. It’s no wonder - this place is freaking awesome. Here’s just a couple spots to check out.

3M Curve

Sprague Lake

Bear Lake

You can always check out the visitor Center and chat with a park ranger - they know what they're talking about

3. Flagstaff Mountain 

  If you’re looking for a beautiful and easily accessible spot to watch the sunrise check out Sunrise Amphitheater. It’s ridiculously easy to get to, offers an amazing sunrise view (it’s in the name), and even has stone seats so you can get comfy (well, as comfy as stone gets. Maybe don’t take a nap there.)

  It’s the ideal location for any couple who loves sunrise, with its spectacular circular stone benches and a breathtaking sunrise view over Boulder.

  Lost Gulch Overlook, or Lost Gulch Lookout as it's often called, is a popular location in Boulder, Colorado for engagement sessions, elopements, senior photos, and simply hanging out and watching the sunset without having to walk up a mountain. It’s super easily accessible but looks like you’re in the middle of somewhere absolutely wild!

  And also, there's the Artist Point, a 0.3-kilometer moderately frequented out-and-back route near Boulder that features magnificent wildflowers (in the right season) and is ideal for hikers of all abilities. The trail is best used from May to September for walking, nature visits, bird watching., etc.

  Flagstaff Mountain, near downtown Boulder, has climbing and hiking trails with panoramic views of the city. Here are a few spots on the mountain you can check out. They're all super easy to get to!

Sunrise Amphitheater

Lost Gulch Overlook

Artist Point

4. Get Brunch!!!!

  Go to Greenbriar Inn for brunch when you want a great white-tablecloth dining experience with a mountain view. It is housed in an attractive green structure with white accents at the base of the foothills just outside Boulder.

  Snooze AM Eatery is a Colorado-based chain that should be on everyone's brunch bucket list. On the Pearl Street Mall, Boulder's Snooze is conveniently accessible. Expect a long wait for a table here; if you're lucky, you might grab a table on the patio. It's famous for its upside-down pineapple pancakes, offering a gluten-free and vegetarian menu. This place is always my first choice if I want a last minute brunch spot!

 Walnut Cafe is another popular Boulder eatery that serves traditional breakfast fare like waffles and eggs and a variety of vegan options. The Walnut's huge espresso bar is one of the features that makes it a contender for one of Boulder's best breakfasts.

 Another amazing brunch spot in Boulder is Foolish Craig's. The 'Duxelles,' prepared with Portobello and button mushrooms, onions, and shallots cooked in butter and Velouté sauce, or the classic Fruit Crepe served cold, are just a few of the sweet and savory crepe options on this eccentric brunch spot's menu. Bet you haven’t had either of those before. Also, it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. If it’s got Guy Fieri’s blessing what more do you need?

  Boulder is AMAZING for brunch. It contains a long list of brunch specials and eateries. If I were in charge I'd crown it the brunch capitol of the world. Here are a few of my favorite brunch spots in Boulder.

Greenbriar Inn

Snooze AM Eatery

Walnut cafe

Foolish Craig's

5. Get photos taken!

  You go somewhere amazing like Colorado. Everything is absolutely beautiful and wonderfully exciting. Maybe you take a few photos on your phone . . . but you're so busy. And why wouldn't you be? This is your vacation. You want to have fun, not work as a photographer. 

  But what if you had someone else to take a few gorgeous photographs of you guys on your adventure? It’s a fun and easy way to to hold onto more memories from your trip. Beyond that, when was the last time you had professional photographs taken? Why not do it in someplace as amazing as Colorado.

  Well, fortunately for you, I’m a photographer. 

Curious what a Colorado Photo Session might be like? Click here

No awkward poses or cheesy smiles required

Just be yourself in an amazing place like Colorado - and walk away with photographs that capture who you are, and where you were.

It's easy.

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