Five dope things to do in Boulder Colorado with your bae!

When to elope in Colorado

Summer Elopements in Colorado

  Summer is definitely the most popular time to elope, and the most popular time to visit Colorado. This time of year is ideal for hiking, as the snow is usually gone by mid July and the weather is warm and sunny! In the mountains, mid day thunderstorms are common, so to avoid the rain, I recommend planning your elopement ceremony for sunrise or sunset.

  Because of the weather, you’ll see a lot of crowds this time of year. To get some privacy for your elopement, be sure to schedule your ceremony for a weekday, and consult an elopement photographer about some off the beaten path locations!

Fall Elopements in Colorado

Fall is one of the best times to elope in Colorado. The summer crowds clear out, and early fall can still be warm and sunny - and you can spot the fall foliage! In higher elevation places, like Rocky Mountain National Park or Loveland pass, snow can start piling up early. You can expect snow starting in October, but occasionally there are some earlier flurries!

Winter Elopements in Colorado

In the winter, Colorado’s weather is harsh - cold and snowy. But, that means it’s the perfect time for skiing or snowboarding! Colorado is known for its ski towns and amazing slopes, but if you want to get some privacy, the best thing you can do is go snowshoeing in the backcountry. Most hiking trails will be covered in snow, but eloping in this winter wonderland can be a magical experience. Just bring some hand warmers!

Spring Elopements in Colorado

Spring is the best time to see Colorado’s waterfalls. As the snow melts, the rushing waterfalls are in full force. You can also see some wildflowers in bloom in lower elevation places, but the mountains are likely to be snow covered until mid summer. This can be a great time to elope in Colorado to avoid crowds, but the weather can be a little unpredictable!

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