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Funny wedding memories from 4 photographers

Wedding days are a bit wild! So many different things can happen. Tears, laughter, hugs and dances. There are so many emotions and events to unpack in each and every wedding! Today I want to focus on the funny parts.  If you're on my website you probably read a lot from me, and saw a lot of my photos.  But for this post I've brought together a few wedding photographer friends to tell you about their own wedding stories! So without further ado here are funny wedding memories from 5 wedding photographers.

Puppy love

Anneke and Mike knew they wanted to have their dogs Kylo and Ziggy be a part of their wedding day. While the guys were getting ready for the wedding, Kylo could hardly contain his excitement and was going bonkers! Mike knew he might need some of his calming dog chews to help calm him down for the ceremony. It turns out Kylo later got into the whole bottle of calming dog chews! You can definitely tell when the chill kicked in. He had to be picked up and walked down the aisle after the ceremony! (he was perfectly fine and did not need medical attention! He was back to his old self by the reception dancing!) This was definitely one of my favorite funny memories from a wedding!

Kari Joy - Kari Joy Photography
Colorado Wedding Photographer

Oh no he didn't. . .

I love how funny and unpredictable weddings can be! When you put that many people together and add emotions and alcohol, you get some really great stories to tell. It was a tough choice, but my favorite funny wedding story was a surprise for everyone, me included. I already knew the guys were goofy from the group photos we did, but I had no idea what they had planned.

The wedding ceremony was outside on a pergola with the guests in the lawn. When it was time for the bestman to handoff the ring, he tripped on the step and all we heard was a metallic ding, ding. I froze. I actually stopped taking photos because I was so shocked. A second later, the bestman smiled and pulled out the ring. He had dropped a penny on purpose to freak everyone out! Everyone laughed and luckily, the bride didn't kill him. 

Bryan Striegler - Striegler Photo
Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Hold my beer!

The first thing that jumps out at me is when one of the groomsmen did a backflip on the dance floor and completely ripped his pants! It was such a funny moment and everyone started dying laughing. He had no choice but to change into sweatpants for the rest of the night. Bless his heart! He was such a good sport about it and made the night that much more fun!

Stephanie Bailey - Stephanie Bailey Photography
Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Dance Dance Dance

One of the memorable and funniest moments, among others, I had during the park photoshoot after the wedding ceremony. It was in the Campbell Valley park, Vancouver, BC. I knew that they feel very comfortable in front of the camera and asked them if they could show me some dancing moves. It was really fun to watch as they kept going and going with all the wedding party joining us at the end! 

Wedding Photography by Roman
Wedding Photographer in Vancouver


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