Your photographs are a reminder to you and all who see them that your hard work, promises, and love are worth it.

I say it all over this site, but I truly believe it: This is your story. It's worth telling. 
Everything I do works towards one goal: to give you amazing photographs of your story that you and your family can look back on for generations.

the experience

You deserve to be able to pick up your memories and set them down again. I want you to relive this foundational chapter as often as you need.  And you will need to be able to look back.

You'll have good days and bad days. Some days you'll laugh, and others you'll cry. Some days you'll be conquering the world together, and others you'll argue. But you'll do it together. On all of those days your wedding album will be sitting there ready to be picked up.  Your photographs will take you back to that first day you committed to doing life together. They're a monument to your love and commitment. 

 But what does that really mean?

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Alex does incredible work. His photos speak for themselves; his distinctive creative style is somehow both authentic and editorial. - certainly unique in wedding photography. Beyond that, he was a truly positive addition to our day. He made everyone feel comfortable instantly and integrated himself seamlessly into the flow of events to capture the best candid moments. His communications were always the perfect balance of friendly and professional, and we got our photos promptly after the wedding. I can't say enough great things. Choosing Alex was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! - Kenyon

" his distinctive creative style is somehow both authentic and editorial"


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Alex is one of the most capable and professional photographers I've ever met. Every single one of the many hundreds of photos he sent us was spectacular in quality and consistency, despite the constantly changing lighting and environmental conditions. On top of being an absolute superstar photographer, he's also an all-around nice guy who helped make our wedding day unforgettable. Thanks Alex!  - Ryan

"one of the most capable and professional photographers I've ever met"


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We highly recommend Alex! From his artistry, good humor, and his flexibility during a very uncertain time, Alex delivered the best quality photos under incredibly unprecedented circumstances. There are few things more stressful than planning a wedding--even a micro wedding!-- during a pandemic. But thanks to Alex, we were able to make our day incredibly special, safe, and unforgettable. We were so grateful to have such an accommodating and incredibly talented photographer be a part of our special day! - Mohona

"The perfect touch for our micro-wedding!"


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We got married the Saturday before Philly lockdown for the pandemic and SO many things went up in the air at the very last minute. Alex and our photography was the ONE part we didn't have to worry about at all! Everything was confirmed and reconfirmed and the photography aspect flowed flexibly as needed. We ended up with amazing photos, delivered in great time, that included everyone in attendance and served as a beautiful collection of memories of the day. 10/10 would hire again!  - Shea

"Alex and our photography was the ONE part we didn't have to worry about at all!"


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Alex was nothing short of amazing. Not only is it stressful planning a wedding but planning a wedding during a pandemic. Alex was one vendor who make my experience stress free. He always responded in a timely manner, showed up on time, made changes on the fly and was very professional and friendly. He made everything so effortless. The best part is the beautiful photos he provided us to treasure forever. I would recommend Alex over and over again and look forward to hopefully working with him in the future.  - Melissa Joseph

"Nothing Short of Amazing"


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I want  you to be able to hold your photographs. Your story is worth making into a physical print. It shouldn't just sit on a hard drive. 

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