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Wedding photography as unique as you are.

Let’s celebrate the adventure you chose.

Here's what matters


Who you two are is always the most important part of this. You’re the magic ingredient imbuing everything we do with meaning. Your story, values and dreams make these photographs and experiences mean something far more than an instagram post.

Your story.

Be here now. But first, let’s figure out how you got here. The stories that shape you and inform what you value are remarkably important. You are who you are because of where you’ve been – let’s celebrate your struggles, triumphs and discoveries.

Your people.

Let’s celebrate with the people you love most. That could be just the two of you, or the core group you care about most. Whether you’re having a ceremony with 50  people in Boulder or a mountaintop elopement just the two of you, let’s take time with the people you love most to celebrate your commitment to each other with words, moments, meals and movement. 

Your places.

Places are where we experience things. Being at the top of a mountain can make you excited, a coffee shop in your favorite Colorado ski town can make you relaxed and your living room is where you feel cozy. Let’s honor and explore the diverse experiences and meanings wrapped up in the places you love.

Hey Friend! - I'm Alex.

I’m Alex! I hope you’re having an awesome day.

  I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado!  I have a hard time not rambling online, so I’ll get straight to the point! 

Life is better lived than faked for photographs.

Your imperfections are beautiful.

Your unique stories, values and dreams are so much more interesting than copying something off Pinterest.

Decaf Coffee can be great.

Your wedding or elopement doesn’t have to be a certain way.

Boulder Wedding Photographer | Boulder Elopement Photographer

Here's how we do this thing

Reach out

Let’s talk about y’alls story, what you value and what you’re dreaming up. After that, you’re a $1000 retainer and contract away from having your photographer!

Let's dream this thing up

Whether you need help planning your elopement, or you’re looking for guidance and vendors for your wedding I’ve got your back. I’ve photographed over 400 weddings and elopements since 2016.  My goal is to be as much of a resource as I possibly can!

Live it. Relive it.

After you’ve had the best damn elopement or wedding ever I’ll be hard at work on your photographs. We’ll set a time aside after 6-8 weeks where you get to relive your wedding day and see your photographs for the first time – no distractions. A month after that you’ll be able to hold your heirloom album and own your memories in a tangible way.

Pricing info

   I’m a firm believer that wedding days don’t fit neatly into one box. Some couples have a quick ceremony and leave there, while others have a full day adventure elopement + a celebration day with their friends and family later in the week. I work with every couple who reaches out in order to understand their story, values and unique plans!

   Full day elopement coverage starts at $4200, and full day wedding coverage starts at $5500. Let’s jump on a call and talk about what makes sense for you! I want to tell every part of you story without nitpicking hours of coverage.

   I’ll get back to you within 48 hours Monday through Friday. My weekends are for time spent with family and friends when I’m not out photographing weddings! Sometimes it takes slightly longer for me to respond during periods of travel and scheduled sessions with my clients. I try my best to focus on my clients’ stories and experiences. I’m thankful for your patience and understanding, and I promise to be in touch soon.


   Every couple I work with deserves to have my complete attention, that’s why I only take on a limited number of weddings and elopements each year!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Heck yeah I do! I have no travel fees in Colorado, and for the rest of the country I try and keep it as affordable as possible. I want to go on an adventure with you!

I love this question – thanks for wanting to work with me! :)

It’s important that I get to know every couple before we sign a contract, so the first step is to jump on a call! From there, if we’re the right fit for each other, it’s as simple as an online contract and a $1000 retainer (with the rest due a month before your day).

Easy answer: as early as you can.

Long answer: I take on between 25-30 weddings and elopements per a year, with specific limits put on certain months (if I shot 20 weddings in October I might explode). It’s important that I’m able to show up and give 100% of my energy to every couple I work with.

The earlier you can book the better! Most couples book about 10-15 months out, but I’ve had plenty go as far as two years or as short as next Thursday.

It never hurts to reach out!

For Day In The Life and Engagement sessions y’all will normally get your gallery within 2 weeks!

For weddings and elopements, you’ll have your online gallery 6-8 weeks after your day! Before your wedding even happens we’ll schedule your Reveal Celebration where you’ll see your photographs for the first time, and build your wedding album. That way you have something to look forward to!

Absolutely. Virtually every wedding or elopement couple I work with gets a physical album. It’s important to me that y’all can tangibly pick up your memories in 20 years, rather than scrolling back on a dirty phone (or VR goggles?).

Before your wedding even takes place we’ll schedule your Reveal Celebration for 6-8 weeks after! That’ll be the time you get to see your photographs, relive the day, and help put the finishing touches on your album with my designers. Grab your favorite drink and snacks, it’s easy and fun!

Making sure we do everything legally is super important! I always have liability insurance, and make sure to carry whatever commercial permit is necessary for me to operate in a given location.

On top of that, if you need permits for your ceremony or portrait locations I’d be happy to help do that research for you. 

I have a handful of photographers I trust as second photographers, or backups if something crazy happens to me. I offer packages and add-ons including second photographers.

While a second photographer can be an amazing addition, I don’t think they’re right for every single wedding. Let’s talk about it!

I don’t know yet. Let’s talk about it! That may sound like a silly answer, but every single day is rgenuinely different. That’s why I’ve designed almost all of my packages to include full day coverage – that way we can figure it out together, without having to decide between arbitrary numbers of hours.

Here's the deal . . .

Be Present instead of perfect

Being genuinely in the moment will always feel better than faking it. Genuine connection, laughter, and joy will be what you want to remember in 30 years, not awkward Instagram trends.

You only have one life

When you look back at your photographs, they should take you back to how it felt. You deserve to have photographs that will spark those memories for a ifetime

This is going to be easy

It’s easy, because it’s about you.

The photos are secondary.

Your story is the focus – and the reason everything falls into place.

Stop chasing and start experiencing

I spent a lot of time in my life trying to chase the perfect photograph, the perfect pose or the perfect background. The more I ran after that, the more complicated things got, and the less meaningful they felt. 

It took me a while, but I finally realized: Perfection is boring and stressful. A beautiful old camera, vintage VW Camper or a cabin in the woods are far from perfect. They’re usually all a little messed up actually. But, because of their simplicity, imperfections and history . . . they’re more beautiful than the most high-tech invention we could create.

Life is far from perfect, yet there’s so much beauty. Let’s learn to celebrate that, yeah?

How I became a Boulder Wedding Photographer

why I became a Wedding Photographer in Boulder, Colorado

Hey y’all! I’m Alex Medvick, a wedding photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado. Photography has been a core part of my life since I was seven years old and playing with point and shoot film cameras my parents had laying around. About 10 years ago a wedding DJ friend of mine asked if I could come shoot some behind the scenes for him! From there things escalated quickly – soon I was working as an assistant, an associate photographer and went on to start my own business. One thing has become more clear over the years: people are what make this job matter.

Flash forward: I moved to Colorado from the East Coast a number of years ago for one reason: It’s just better in Colorado. I was drawn to Boulder, Colorado by its gorgeous natural surroundings, set against the backdrop of the EPIC Rocky Mountains, opening up nearly infinite outdoor adventures.  The extra sunshine doesn’t hurt either!

To me the Boulder, Colorado area is the perfect launching point for so many epic adventures!

Beautiful couples in a remarkable world...

Be where the meaning is

You have permission to be fully present and enjoy each other, and this wild life. None of this has to be stressful.


Y’all are remarkably unique. Let’s celebrate that. Nothing fake, nothing forced. There’s no performance here, only life.


You are allowed to feel every emotion and revel in the moment. There’s no need to hurry along – we’re here to soak it all in.


This is going to be easy. Show up loving each other. Celebrate your story and just be here, right now.


Years later you’ll have your photographs to relive how it felt. You’ll have them on the good days when you need to celebrate. You’ll have them on the bad days when you need to remember. You’ll pick them up and put them down whenever you need.

Your relationship will last a life time, your photographs should too