Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographer

This is going to be easy.

It’s easy, because it’s about you.

The photos are secondary.

Your story is the focus – and the reason everything falls into place.

This moment is meant for living!

You have permission to just be here, right now.  Being present, not perfect. Loving who you are, and what you’re doing. The beauty is in living the moment. Take a tequila shot, hike that mountain, kiss your partner. Whatever you do, do it 100%.

Your wedding is the start of a lifetime, your photographs tell the story.

From your first kiss to the proposal – your story is rich and beautiful. Your wedding day is only one part of that, but it’s a celebration of all those things. The promises, laughter, tears and hard work that brought you to this moment. Let’s revel in the remarkable beautiful journey that let you two here.


Your wedding isn’t about the photographs. The photographs are about you.

Beautiful couples in a remarkable world...

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For the remarkable couples

You have permission to be fully present and enjoy each other, and this wild life. None of this has to be stressful.


Y’all are remarkably unique. Let’s celebrate that. Nothing fake, nothing forced. There’s no performance here, only life.


You are allowed to feel every emotion and revel in the moment. There’s no need to hurry along – we’re here to soak it all in.


This is going to be easy. Show up loving each other. Celebrate your story and just be here, right now.


Years later you’ll have your photographs to relive how it felt. You’ll have them on the good days when you need to celebrate. You’ll have them on the bad days when you need to remember. You’ll pick them up and put them down whenever you need.

Your relationship will last a life time, your photographs should too

You've Just Met your wedding photographer

Picture this:


You and your partner stand on top of a mountain, the sun setting behind you, the crisp mountain air blowing through your hair. You’re holding each other close, taking in the beauty of the surroundings and the love you have for one another.


Or maybe you’re surrounded by twinkling lights and the warm glow of candles.


You’re sipping on a craft cocktail with your sweetheart, as the band plays in the background. As the music picks up, you hit the dance floor hand in hand, surrounded by your closest friends and family. The energy in the room is electric, and you’re both feeling the rhythm, embracing the raw emotion and living the moment.


That’s the stuff memories are made of, right?


As a wedding photographer, that’s what I live for – capturing those real, raw moments that transport you right back to that day. The point isn’t just getting a good picture, it’s about telling a story, and creating memories that you’ll treasure forever. When I’m behind the lens at your wedding, my job is to help you make those memories without worrying about whether or not I’m getting the shot.


So, all you gotta do is be here now, in the moment, and let me handle the rest.

Here's the deal . . .

Be Present instead of perfect

Being genuinely in the moment will always feel better than faking it. Genuine connection, laughter, and joy will be what you want to remember in 30 years, not awkward Instagram trends.

This only happens once

When you look back at your photographs, they should take you back to how it felt. You deserve to have photographs that will spark those memories for a ifetime

Come as you are

This is your wedding, your story, your relationship. There’s no judgment here. You can do anything! Skip traditions, create new ones, run down the aisle to the theme song from friends. Just be you.