Let's ride the line between the intentional and care-free

The story that brought you to this moment, what you value, and what you love to do matters more than whatever tradition or wedding magazines dictate.

Beginning Our Journey

Let's hang out

20 years from now your photos will matter more than ever – and so will the experience you had getting them. This is a big decision, so whether it’s over indie-music and beautiful coffee, or a quick call with your favorite at home bev . . . We’re going to start by dreaming up your wedding together.

Let's dream

Let’s leave no stone unturned. I’m going to make sure all of your questions are answered and then we’re going to design the experience together that matches your vision. These custom collections start at $4200 for Colorado weddings, and we’re going to create something that’s perfect for y’all.

Let's do this thing

  Once that contract is signed (usually before then tbh), I’m all in. It’s time we take the next step. Whether it’s scheduling out your engagement session in the next couple of weeks or month, or starting to plan your wedding or elopement. 


  If you need help I’ll get to work with customized location recommendations, vendors I love, places to stay, and a custom timeline. I’ll be a text or email away to hype you up, encourage you, and brainstorm with you. You’ll also get a 90+ page elopement guide!

The sky is (literally) the limit

We can do anything y’all want. This is your day!


Hike in the Rockys at sunrise. Dance in the desert at sunset. Have a brunch reception or sleep in late and have breakfast with just the two of you in your cute airbnb. Make this your dream day. This is your experience.


Your wedding isn’t a photo shoot- and anybody who treats it as that is doing you a disservice. Sure, you want awesome photos, but not at the expense of you enjoying the day.

Nothing less than the best

Everyone gets an album

You need a physical album. Myspace is dead, your old flash drives are fried, and who ever remembers what folder they put stuff in? Your wedding day matters. Your memory of it is just as important. Every wedding and elopement comes with an album no matter what.

I've got your back

Need help finding other vendors to work with, building a timeline, or where to get the best portraits? Or maybe you just need someone to hype you up about the fact that yes, you can rock a bolo tie on your wedding day. I’m on your side, and ready to be your biggest resource.


I'll come to you

Travel and adventure are built into my whole brand. If you want to get married somewhere wild, or even just have a couples session there – don’t be shy. If you want to go there, I probably want to go there. Let’s make this happen.


Stories that matter | Why you're getting an album

  I promise you this: As time goes on and life plays out, the photos in your album will mean more and more. This album is a place where you can see and feel your wedding day over and over again. Your photographs will be there waiting there for you on the good days you want to celebrate. They’ll be there on the hard days when you need to remind yourself where this whole thing started out. With an album, every step of your story you’ll be able to pick it up, and put it down anytime you need it.


  Your wedding – your ART – deserves to be seen. Not live on a social media platform only to be glanced at once a year when the algorithm detects that it’s your anniversary.


  That’s why every wedding or elopement I photograph comes with a beautiful heirloom album to make your memories tangible.


Heck yeah!! I’ll travel virtually anywhere, you just have to ask. PA and CO weddings have no travel fees!

It’s easy. There’s a form at the bottom of this page or on the contact page. Fill this out completely, and I’ll be in connection with you as soon as I’m able so we can start talking. If you decide to go with me, you are only a $1000 retainer and signed contract away from starting!

YES! I normally take a non-refundable retainer fee up front with the remaining balance due a month before your date. With that being said, we can always chat about what makes the most sense for you.