About Alex Medvick

Ok y'all, this is why I'm here.

As a kid I was often confused. I never quite felt good enough, and life never quite made sense. I was unhappy with myself and what was in front of me. In the midst of that, I started playing around with cameras. I’m not sure exactly what first caught my interest as a seven year old. I loved playing around with any gadget I could get my hands on, so that may have had something to do with it. But over time it became a big creative outlet. Nobody else was telling me how to do it, or that I wasn’t good enough at it. It became a thing that brought a great deal of value, purpose, and joy into my life.


As I grew older I became more keenly aware of how broken the world can feel. Despie that, certain things can feel larger than life. I’d find certain photographs or movies that despite being created from a wild and often harsh world, upheld a greater sense of beauty, wonder and wholeness. Images and stories that felt greater than the sum of their parts. Somehow in the chaos, certain pieces of art and media have the ability to pull out the goodness and hope in life, and then distill it down into a gem we can marvel at whenever times get tough. 


That’s what I want to create – Ways to relive stories pulled from a world, that despite being in constant turmoil, is overflowing with people and places filled with remarkable beauty, wonder, and perseverance.  Rather than a paycheck or a cool Instagram feed, I want to celebrate stories that remind you why life is worth living and how beautiful life can be if you choose to let things really mean something to you.

Always Adventuring

Driving across the country, going on random hikes, and living out of my Subaru for a week. That’s my happy place. I love a good adventure, and the thrill of waking up in the back of a car somewhere I’ve never been before is the most comfortable feeling for me. Throw in a film camera and a jet-boil for roadside coffee and you’ve got a recipe for a good vacation.

Suits and backpacks

These days I’m just as happy to put on a suit and drink cocktails as I am to put on a backpack and hike a mountain. I love situations that invoke a sense of curiosity. I’d rather be curious than complacent, and my job allows for a lot of that. Growing up my family moved around a lot, so I got used to meeting new people, new places, and new ideas. I’ve carried that with me and it’s developed into an appreciation for all types of settings.

I really care about this Sh*t

Photography represents a lot of things for me. It’s a tool that allows me to connect with people and places that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. It’s an amazing way to capture the inherent beauty in people’s lives and relationships, and hand it back to them. It’s a medium for telling stories, both big and small. Whenever I come across someone or somewhere remarkable, I feel compelled to go deeper. I see beauty and I feel the need to capture it in a photograph. After all, life is fleeting, and moments pass by in the blink of an eye.


Every time I work with someone, I really really care. This stuff matters to me. I don’t want to just take photos and move on to the next client. To whatever extent you want, I want to get invested in your story, your struggles, and your triumphs. I’m not just in this for a paycheck, or a cool instagram feed. I’m here for you. I’m here to get to know you, capture your story, and hand it back to you. The moments you value matter, and I want you to be able to pick them back up whenever you need to. There’s a deep value in being able to look back at the beauty we’ve had, life is wild and unpredictable. 

Let's Not Leave Your Photos Up To Chance.