Christina + Max | Colorado Backyard Wedding

“How can I have the perfect wedding?” The answer is remarkably simple, but isn’t often found on instagram or wedding blogs. I’ll spill the tea though.

Here’s the recipe for a perfect wedding. It’s a simple five step process:

  1. Be here now. Don’t stress about perfect. Being fully present means so much more.
  2. Show up with gratitude, and express it. To each other. To the people you care about. To God or the universe.
  3. Bring the community you care about together. Tell your people you care about them.
  4. Have enough of a schedule organized that you can just show up and enjoy life. And then be willing to change that schedule if life happens differently.
  5. Don’t hold back. Laugh. Cry. Dance. No faking it allowed. Life happens once.

That’s the secret sauce. Presence, gratitude, community, celebration. The rest of it is icing on the cake (it’s a great cake. It’s yours after all.).

Hey, I'm Alex

It’s awesome to meet you here on my blog. I’m pumped to have you here, and ready to help you plan your adventurous wedding wherever that takes you. I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Denver, Colorado – but don’t let that stop you from talking to me. If we’re a great fit for each other, I will travel anywhere in the world.