Family Sessions

This time doesn’t last forever, celebrate it while it’s happening.

Tell your family’s story in a beautiful & honest way – full of the moments you’ll miss when they’re gone.

Moments worth remembering are rarely clean or manufactured.

Pretending to be perfect just for family photos is BORING. Let’s celebrate the joy and the tears!

The black eyes… and the award-winning arts & crafts.

The family breakfasts… and the messy living rooms.

The adorable outfits . . . and the poop.

Choose your own adventure session

Family Photographs

Time moves fast, and I’m here to capture the moments you’ll treasure in 20 years. Let’s have a day that you’d love even if there were no photographs – but don’t worry, you’ll have a beautiful album of memories at the end.

The game plan:

→ I want to get to know y’all.

To hold space and facilitate the most true-to-you family session, I need to listen. To learn what you care about, hear your story, and see your kids’ wild personalities. My goal is to figure out what part of your life will be most meaningful to capture for you.

→ Let’s have an awesome day.

I’ll travel to wherever you care about, with whoever you care about, and capture what you care about. Nothing fake, nothing forced. You’re too busy kicking ass parenting to worry about being something you aren’t!

→ hold what you value.

After your session, I’ll head back to work on the photographs that prove how beautiful your life is – mess and all! We’ll set aside a day and time for you to see your photographs for the first time and if you want, we can create a physical album for y'all.

Choose Your Family's Adventure | Starting at:

$ 650
  • 60+ Minute Session within 30 miles of Harleysville, PA
  • Guided planning and discovery session
  • 50+ Final Images
  • An online gallery where you can share or download your photographs - no extra cost

Hey it’s me, Alex!

I’m ready for temper tantrums and melted popsicles.

I’ve been working as a photographer for over 10 years, and the one thing I’ve found to be most important every time are the people. It’s not about the best pose, backdrop or lighting. It’s about you.

I’m here for the runaway kites and elaborate palaces built only for worms. (Why area they always gone the next day? Rude.)

I’ve had surprise skittles rain down on me while we all sing songs from Frozen.

Bring it all. I can’t wait.

Whoever you are, whomever you love and wherever you live I am so excited to learn more about that.

My job is to hand you back a reminder of everything you value for you to see, hold, and share in a tangible way. Photos are just a byproduct of the beautiful things already happening, even if you don’t realize it at the time.

Time For YOU to ask all the questions

(Not the 4 year old)

Families like yours, who want to forever remember what life was like right now – not what posed portrait they chose to put on the holiday card.

Do you get dressed up on a random Tuesday? Then sure! If you feel good in what you’re wearing, that will shine through more than anything else. You don’t have to get overly fancy, just be yourself. There’s nobody to impress here but yourself.

Short of a plague, I’m game if you’re game. Beyond contagious illness, I encourage y’all to keep the session going. Casts, black eyes or cry sessions may not be right for your holiday cards this year, but there will be a day where you look on this moment and wonder where all the time went.

Every session gets a minimum of 50 photographs, and very often more. I’m not in the business of terrible watermarks or up-charging for arbitrary numbers of photographs. My goal is to show and tell y’alls story to the best of my ability, and then hand you back an album and a gallery where you can download share and print any of your photographs.

Life is better shared

The most valuable moments are ones we don’t realize until they’ve passed. Let’s solidify a few of those.