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So you've realized

You don't want a traditional wedding.

You don't want the stress.

You don't want the same formula.

You want a just for you - drink coffee at sunrise and cider at sunset - climb the rocks and see the views - do whatever you want with no stress kind of day.

perfect - you can do it

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Howdy, i'm Alex! 

"my whole deal is that I really give a shit about my clients" 

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I'm only taking on 1 more Boulder wedding in 2021!

Every couple I work with deserves to have my complete attention, that's why I only take on a limited number of wedding and elopements each year. 
Elopements start at $2900 
Wedding Photography starts at $3400
Couples' and Engagement sessions start at $500

Looking for the my most current availability and pricing? Fill out this form! I'd love to learn more about you and your story! I'll reach out to you basically as soon as the laws of space time allow!

P.S I'm only taking on one more wedding in 2021 - and have limited availability in 2022

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Your photos are going to feel like that first cup of coffee in the morning -  comforting, exciting and made just for you.

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I want to help your find joy and beauty in yourself and those around you. You are amazing, unique and interesting.

I say that I'm a Boulder wedding photographer, but I'll travel basically anywhere.
 Let's tell your love story!

Boulder wedding photographer | wedding photography in Boulder, Colorado


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