Elegant Boho Wedding at Terrain at Styers: Rachel + Jeremy

I would be a liar if I said I remember how they met – but then again, that’s their story to share. Not mine. No – where I come into this story to share is at Rachel and Jeremy’s wedding at Terrain at Styers.

If you are reading this as a newcomer or have no affiliation with Rachel and Jeremy, I understand you have no obligation to read about their wedding story. In that case, you’re more than welcome to peruse their gallery uninhibited by my words.

I would be remiss to say, however, that you would miss an opportunity to relate your life to theirs.  After all, while we all live completely unique and adventurous lives, we can also find similarities between each other.

It’s the moments of similarities and differences that inspire us to find our communities and understand the people we surround ourselves with.

About Terrain at Styer’s

Let’s set the scene – Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. As a Colorado photographer transplanted from PA, this is one of my favorite venues to brave the flights with Frontier to. It’s not just a beautiful location, but Courtney – the venue coordinator – is one of my favorite people to work with. She really takes care of her own.

To quickly describe Terrain at Styer’s, it’s a garden nursery that has been transformed into a venue space. Actually, I think that does a great job to describe here – but I go into more detail about the venue here

At a glance, what you can expect from here are wonderful locations – such as the Ceremony Gardens, the Garden Shed, and the Hot House – and the amenities.

This includes BYOB services; in-house locally sourced catering; ceremony rehearsal; and event management, to name a few.

terrain at styer's wedding venue
The Mushroom House wedding at Terrain at Styers

About Rachel and Jeremy

Technically, I lied. My story with Rachel and Jeremy didn’t start at their wedding. It was actually when the two of them flew out to meet me in Colorado for their engagement session!

One could say this was chapter one to our relationship, whereas booking me to be their photographer was the prologue to our story

At the start, it became clear that they’re exceptionally warm. If it weren’t for the way they act together and how they treat others, the next clue would be their dog! Just wait until you see him.

terrain at styer's garden cafe photos

Rachel and Jeremy’s Wedding at Terrain at Styers

It’s amazing what trust can do. Unlike love, trust is something that must be reciprocated in order to work. Love can be one-sided, but trust is earned.

So to be TRUSTED by Rachel and Jeremy is a far greater compliment than them saying they loved working with me in Colorado. I genuinely believe that this trust we built our working relationship on is what helped catapult the day into one of authenticity and fun.

Getting Ready

Friends are who shape us – beyond what our parents are capable of doing. Why? Because parents are biased from the day we are born. Yet friends are people born of relationships that are outside of family and we say, “I want you in my life.”

It’s evident that if you are a friend of Rachel or Jeremy, you’re running in great circles.

Spending the morning with Rachel was a treat – truly. The way they spent their time together playing and laughing together was evidence of their happiness for Rachel.

The morning wasn’t just spent with laughter – it was also a time of reflection.

As the bridesmaid party continued in the room, Rachel stepped aside and wrote her vows she would later say to Jeremy. I can only imagine that Jeremy, around that same time, must have stepped aside and done the same.

bridesmaids dresses handing on wood hangers
bride and bridesmaids facetiming friends
custom sunglasses for flower girl
rock photo of bride and bridesmaids wearing glasses
M by Marinelli shoes for wedding
bride dress hanging with fedora
bride writing vows before the wedding

The First Look

For Rachel, there were two people she cared most about seeing her in her dress. Her father and Jeremy.

One was full of tears – the other full of admiration. Both filled with love.

It’s amazing the things you see through the port of a camera view-finder that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Without a camera, one is able to see the full-scope of the picture – and yet miss so many details. But through the magic of a lens, the world somehow becomes a bit more focused.

emotional father-daughter first look
maid of honor and mother watching the first look with father and daughter

Just like when Rachel’s father turned around, he became overwhelmed with what he saw in front of him.

Why fathers cry at the sight of their daughters in a wedding dress, I can’t say with certainty. I believe, in the case of Rachel’s father, he turned around to see his little girl, and instead he saw his daughter – grown and beautiful as ever.

Memorable Moments

There’s honestly so much I could say about Rachel and Jeremy’s wedding day. I could dote on their dog for being such a good boy and trotting down the aisle after them. 

dog running down the aisle of wedding at terrain at styer's

I could reminisce on timing the sprinkler systems to avoid getting showered with water during bridal portraits.

Truthfully, I could relive this day in painstaking detail – down to the point of their final exit surrounded by the people they love, lifting sparklers over their heads.

At the end of the day, there are some things that can only be lived to experience what it was like. But I hope that, as you read this and glance over the portraits of their memories, you find the value of not just a photographer – but a storyteller.

bride and groom walking holding hands with rain drops around them
chuck Taylor's wedding dress shoes

Don’t leave you drunk uncle in charge of your memories.

The Awesome Team of Vendors

Look – this wedding was amazing. But I can’t take all credit for it – so much of it goes to the amazing team of vendors who helped bring this wedding at Terrain at Styers together.

Thank you – each one of you.

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