Weddings at River Bend in Lyons, Colorado

Alright, dreamers and lovebirds, let’s dive deep into the world of picturesque venues, shall we? Imagine a place where nature, romance, and magic converge – this is what happens with weddings at River Bend.

Set by the St. Vrain River, River Bend is the stuff of fairy tales. For couples who really want a wedding that’ll be raved about for years to come, this may be the venue in Colorado for you. Here’s more info about weddings at River Bend in Lyons, Colorado.

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    Quick Info for Weddings at River Bend

    Events: Weddings, Special Events, Corporate

    River Bend Wedding Cost: Pricing varies, depending on season and time of wedding.

    Capacity: Up to 200 Guests

    Address: 501 West Main Street, Lyons, CO 80540

    River Bend Wedding Amenities

    Ok, let’s start with what River Bend does for you if you get married here. The amenities matter, right?


    Easily one of the most notable things is the location of this venue being on the Banks of the St.Vrain River. Gentle ripples of water, golden sun reflections, and a serenade by nature as you walk down the aisle. Guys, if you are the natural type, this is beckoning – no SCREAMING at you – to get married here! The St. Vrain River isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of your wedding tapestry.

    Beautiful Sail-Cloth Dinner Tent

    As twilight sets in, imagine your guests seated under this elegant tent, sharing stories, laughter, and toasts to new beginnings.

    Glamping Tent Dressing Area

    It’s 2023. If you don’t know what glamping is, then you are living under a rock! Forget the traditional dressing rooms; River Bend gives it a twist. This boho-chic glamping tent offers a serene space for those pre-wedding jitters and last-minute touch-ups.

    Cottage Dressing Area

    Still not a fan of glamping? Cool – you’re taken care of. The Cottage is a great place to get ready for the wedding. Light, airy, and so quintessentially romantic, it’s the perfect spot for those pre-wedding photos and heart-to-heart moments.

    Tables & Chairs

    Good news! You don’t have to sit in the dirt (;

    Cozy Fire Pit by the River

    If there is no burn-ban, make use of the fire pit. As night falls and the chill sets in, gather around this fire pit. Make memories, roast marshmallows, and dance around a pit to the tambourine of music and laughter. (Guys, I can’t make this up – this is the perfect hippie venue)

    Catering Tent & Pine Tree Bar

    Good food, great drinks, and an ambiance that’s unmatched. This is where gastronomic delights meet nature’s beauty.

    Sound & Music Options

    While there’s a gentle nudge towards keeping things au naturale with no amplified music, the alternatives here ensure your day is filled with melodies, be it a live band or an acoustic set.

    River Bend Wedding Venue Cost

    Investing in a venue is about more than just cost – it’s about the memories you create. That said, budget matters.

    At the time of this writing (2023) the rates are as follows:

    2023 Rates:

    Saturday: $6,500

    Friday and Sunday: $4,500

    Monday – Thursday: $3,000

    Locations at River Bend

    20 minutes north of Boulder, Colorado in the Rocky Mountain foothills,, River Bend is not a small venue. In fact, it’s sister venue, Farmette, sits right beside it.

    Here are some of the areas you’ll find yourself at if you get married at River Bend.

    The Glamping Tent and Cottage

    We’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth noting again. Most couples find themselves utilizing the glamping tent and cottage as a destination for getting themselves ready prior to the ceremony.

    the glamping tent at River Bend

    The Lawn at River Bend

    The heart of River Bend, this lawn, with its panoramic views and gentle breezes, offers plenty of space to do…well, whatever! With a capacity of 200, there’s ample space for love, laughter, and endless dancing.

    Tent Space

    I love a tented wedding, and with the size of the lawn, you may utilize it as a space to hoist a tent. Think twinkling fairy lights, gentle music, clinking glasses, and the soft murmur of conversations. This isn’t just a space; it’s an experience.

    The Dance Floor

    Beneath the starlit sky, this is where stories are shared, where shoes are kicked off, and where every age, from the toddlers to the grandparents, comes together to celebrate love.

    the dance floor

    River Ben Wedding Photography

    Here’s the thing – there’s a certain group of people getting married here. Whether you are self-solemnizing with a small elopement in Colorado, or having a full on wedding…if you are getting married here, you’re likely my people.

    I’ve worked at Riverbend enough that I can help y’all find the right vendors, photo locations and more!

    (Hint: The best place is wherever you are together. Though I’ve got some extra awesome spots you two can be together in)

    Don’t look back and regret having bad photographs!

    River Bend Wedding Photos

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